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Thank you, Dad

Dear Dad

I just wanted to say thank you, for everything.

When I was little I would look up to you and wonder if I could ever grow that big. All I dreamed was to be just like you. You got up before the sun every day and disappeared in your work truck. At night I would listen for the sound of your engine in the driveway before I would let myself go to sleep.

I lived for the weekends when I could snuggle in your big bed with you. You were tired, so I would just snuggle in quietly and put my arm around you.

I loved the days you would take me to the park. You encouraged me to go higher and push harder on the swing. You stood waiting to catch me when I finally made it to the top of the climbing frame. I’m not sure if you knew how scared I was, but knowing you were there helped me go that bit further.

I was so proud when I saw you at my year 6 school performance. I was only on stage for 5 minutes, but you treated me like I was the star of the show.

I still remember that History assignment you helped me with. Learning about your grandfather and how he fought in the war for our country made me really proud. It made me see our family differently. They were no longer faded photo’s of people with lame hair. They were real people who sacrificed their lives for the sake of our family. I finally understood when you said “It’s a small sacrifice, son”.

I know I caused you some trouble later and I’m really sorry for those times.  That you never gave up on me really helped me to want to be a better man.

You taught me to drive, we shared our first beer and I will never forget that road trip we went on. Camping with you was always fun. It didn’t matter how old we both got.

Thank you for the hugs, Dad. Thank you for the strength, the love, the guidance and for showing me what a man should be like.

Without you I would not be the man and father I am today.

Thank you, Dad.

I love you.


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