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Sunday is World Suicide Prevention Day

Sunday 10th September 2017 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Have you done your bit to help reduce suicide in Australia?

Many will see the call, most could be forgiven for wondering what they could do to help. Here’s something simple and tangible that’s within your reach right now.

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If we break down suicide numbers in Australia, one of the largest if not the largest demographics at risk of suicide is separating parents.  It’s not widely known but true none the less.

When families breakdown it can lead to extreme financial difficulties, forced relocation, lengthy and ongoing legal issues, inability to work and worst of all, loss of access to children for very long periods or even indefinitely. Most people know someone thats experienced it but few would know the depth of the issue behind closed doors. Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 12.11.33 pmAny one of these challenges puts a person at risk of suicide; coming together as they often do, its a tsunami of unbearable stress and pain. A profound and utterly debilitating sense of isolation and complete hopelessness is not unusual. And when life seems hopeless, the rest is obvious.

Best available Australian data suggests around 25% of suicide tends to follow on from separation, especially where child custodial issues apply.

Whilst many will know of and actively support larger suicide support services, only one in Australia focuses specifically upon separating parents – Parents Beyond Breakup. We are lessor known but more effective in preventing suicide that most others, including the biggest and best known organisations.

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In house research suggests our intervention programs prevents around 360 parents each year from taking the ultimate step. Thats roughly one parent saved each day or put another way, one set of kids that get to keep their parent in their lives each day of the year. Thats ground breaking within Australia and its leading on an international basis. Help us reach more people here in Australia, and help us put Australia on the map as a world beating centre of excellence in  suicide prevention.

We struggle to support the 10,000 – 12,000 parent interventions that we deliver each year, and really, thats only a small proportion of the parents we need to reach out there that need our help. Imagine how many more lives could be saved if only we could reach more people in more places in more ways. We need your help to do that.

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Right now, we desperately need to open another 80 support groups / individual ‘buddies’ around Australia, to extend our telephone helpline to make it available 24/7 and to develop more advanced online help and resources. Please give generously – each $dollar actively goes towards helping a child keep its parent in its life. Its that simple.

Give what you can or sponsor one of our projects:

  • Train a new local buddy
  • Open a new local group
  • Extend our helpline times and capacity
  • Upgrade our IT systems to better log and identify those at risk
  • Awareness building campaigns
  • Online resources for separating parents
  • Expand into remote regions and New Zealand.

Parents Beyond Breakup is a registered Australian charity – donations are tax deductible.

We can’t do what we do without your help. Please donate today. Thank you.

If you’d like to give in other ways, including direct bank transfer, refer to our offer help page.


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