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PBB Response to 28th Sep 2017 Announcement of a Family Law Act Review

Parents Beyond Breakup (PBB), Australia’s leading charity for separating families, has welcomed the Government’s plans to undertake a comprehensive review of the family law system.

Pete Nicholls CEO of PBB said:

“There are more than one million children living in separated families in Australia. All of those children deserve to have a great relationship with their parents.

For that to happen we need a family law system that helps separated mums and dads to work together and give their children the best possible start in life.

The way parents share responsibility for bringing up their children has changed beyond recognition in the past 50 years. A family law system that is based on Act of Parliament written in 1975 is no longer fit for purpose.

According to The Law Council, the family law system is in crisis with the number and complexity of family law cases increasing sharply. Families facing the most serious family law issues are waiting for up to three years or more before a final trial.

Many of the parents we work with are caught up in complex cases and find themselves contemplating suicide. Too often, we find our job is keeping parents alive and in the kids’ lives when the family law system fails to deal with their case in a timely and effective manner.

We welcome the Attorney General’s commitment to reform the system so that it can resolve these family disputes at the earliest opportunity.

We want Australia to lead the world in creating a reformed family law system that supports separating mums and dads to be the best parents they can and share responsibility for raising their children. Australian kids deserve nothing less than that.

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