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#knowyourmanfacts during #menshealthweek

#knowyourmanfacts as part of #menshealthweek in Australia.

Check out the full list of man facts here.

Here are the two Parents Beyond Breakup (Dads in Distress) related man facts.

  1. One in four of all male suicides are linked to separation
    • Possibly the largest single demographic group within male suicide (perhaps, all suicide) is rarely if ever spoken about. Males suiciding post separation.
    • Generally speaking, the public and experts in the field know who suicides and how they suicide, but all too rarely does anyone actually consider why they suicide.
    • Knowing ‘why’ is critical because it leads us to develop fixes that avoid and prevent the issue to begin with.
    • All too often the issue is classed as ‘mental health’ and appropriate ‘mental health’ interventions are called upon; but understanding the ‘why’ – the underlying causes to begin with – allows us the opportunity to find how to ‘prevent’ rather than to ‘manage’.
  2. Over 51% of separated dads feel suicidal
    • Suddenly losing your life partner, regular or any contact with your children, the role you previously held in life and worked so hard for, possibly your home and financial standing all at once is often more than anyone can cope with. Any one of these factors alone could force people over the edge, but all at once is a clear recipe for disaster.
    • Sadly, this is an experience too many men experience after they separate, and losing full time access to their children might be that one step too far for them.

If you’d like to help us prevent post separation suicide, read why we’re one of the best places you can support through donation.

KYMF020 PBB 1 in 4 suicides


KYMF021 PBB 50% Separated Dads

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