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PBB launch in Tasmania this week

We’re launching in Tasmania this week and we need you!

It’s been on the cards for a while but we’re here now and launching in Tasmania.

We’re in Tasmania this week meeting with potential volunteers, assessing meeting venues and tying up with local referral pathways. The intent is that we get several groups up and running soon, hopefully the two ‘one off’ meetings this week (our first ever in Tasmania) will continue on if enough people volunteer having attended and being willing to be trained up.

Come along if you need help and if you’re willing to help others. The only qualification is that you’re a separated parent who has experienced difficulties with contact with your kids, recently or in the past.

There’s no need to book, no need to pay or to prepare. If you’re a dad in distress, you’re amongst friends. And, for this first meeting, we’re also happy to welcome mums in distress too. Normally, mums and dads have separate weekly meetings.

If the groups this week work out well, we’ll do our best to keep them going on a weekly basis but we need volunteers to help us do that. So, come along to get some help but also if you’re willing to support Australia’s most effective suicide prevention charity expand into Tasmania. We need the local community to help because almost everything we do to prevent over 365 suicides each year is local peers helping local peers. It doesn’t happen without your help. This is your one time chance to get this critical support going in Tasmania.

Tuesday 9th October – HOBART

Thursday 11th October – LAUNCESTON

What happens at a Dads in Distress (DIDs) meeting?


Other information

  • Check out our FAQ page
  • Call to ask about these groups or get help over the phone (09.00-17.00 TAS timezone) 1300 853437

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