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Our organisation

Parents Beyond Breakup is an Australian charity operating primarily through two frontline services; our ‘Dads in Distress’ and ‘Mums in Distress’ programs. In addition to the weekly groups we run for mums and dads, we also operate a telephone helpline and we are currently working hard to launch online services to help reach those in remote areas.

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Our focus

A long history of front line support, backed by extensive research into what works best, has led to a strategy that splits our work into three key distinct categories; individual change, cultural change and systemic change.

We work with individuals to help them overcome the significant challenges that they face upon separation. Our grass roots peer support approach is extremely successful at reducing suicide and also helps reduce incidence of domestic violence.

We work on a cultural level to better inform the public with facts related to our core client base; separating families. We are uniquely positioned to do so because we are neither politically affiliated or ideologically biased. Our position is based on the unique needs of all parents and their extended family.

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  • Ross Arriola, Chair
  • Terry Valentine, Deputy Chair
  • Terry Underwood, Treasurer
  • Campbell Lennox
  • Glen Poole
  • James Jackson


  • Pete Nicholls, Chief Executive Officer
  • Alan Valja, Helpline Operator
  • Shane McDaniel, Helpline Operator
  • Tim Kay, Helpline Operator
  • jim Morris, National Coordinator / Operations
  • And, over 75 hardworking volunteers across Australia!

The values that drive everything we do

  • “One big family”
    • We are family centric, client focussed and cognisant of children’s needs
    • We model the PBB behaviours; demonstrate camaraderie, warmth and we each help to develop others around us
    • Our ethos is to facilitate peer to peer connection, support and care
  • “Sleep well at night”
    • We are accountable, responsible, ethical, respectful, caring, compassionate and empathic
    • We believe in equality and act in an egalitarian manner
  • “Open heart, open mind”
    • Our nature is to be determined, driven, passionate, inclusive, sensitive
    • We act urgently, influence and nurture whilst demonstrating humility
    • We use emotional and social intelligence
  • “If not us, who?”
    • We believe in empowering, growing and inspiring leaders
    • We value talent, innovation and communication
    • We make a dent in the universe and choose the road less travelled
  • “Rock solid”
    • We are dependable, trustworthy experts
    • We value teamwork, expertise and knowledge
    • Playing by the rules is what makes us successful
  • “Do more with less”
    • We are pragmatic, resourceful, frugal and proactive
    • We see no barriers, accept all challenges and do not postpone
    • Think different whilst keeping it simple


  • 1999 – Founded by Tony Miller OAM and a dedicated team. Started out as a weekly meeting on a veranda in Coffs Harbour, NSW.
  • 2001 – Growing network of Australian groups led to formal launch of the Dads in Distress charity. Rapid growth of groups was tempered by more advanced group work structure with highly trained volunteer peers.
  • 2011 – The increasing number of mums asking to attend the Dads in Distress meetings led to the formal launch of the Mums in Distress service, siting under Dads in Distress the charity.
  • 2016 – In house quality assurance research demonstrates leading national performance in suicide prevention and reduction of domestic violence incidents. Dads in Distress the charity was rebranded to Parents Beyond Breakup to better reflect the gender inclusive position.
  • 2017 – Commenced program of geographic expansion and introduction of advanced services to better address the needs of parents across Australia and further afield.

Our Constitution

Annual General Report

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