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In memory of Jeff Lindsay

It is with deep sadness that I inform you that our much respected and highly esteemed colleague, Jeff Lindsay, passed away peacefully at his home near Coffs Harbour yesterday.

It was an unexpected event with Jeff working with us right up to the last moment. He spoke to us the night before about forthcoming work that needed to be done, focussing as always unquestioningly on the parents in crisis that he supported through our helpline.  That marks the man, putting others before himself no matter his personal difficulties. He was a dedicated hero to so many. Each of us here at PBB not only grieves at the passing of a tremendous individual and much loved team mate, but also for the loss that his family has undoubtedly suffered.

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Jeff Lindsay

On behalf of us all at Parents Beyond Breakup, and our front line volunteers at Dads in Distress and Mums in Distress, we pass on our sincere condolences to Jeffs family and friends. Jeff leaves behind parents Brian and Leila, sisters Debbie and Sue and three greatly loved daughters Rebecca, Jessica and Katrina.

All of us will miss Jeffs jovial and ever ‘positive in the face of adversity’ manner – the workplace will not be the same without him pushing us to be better at what we do. I hope that we can live up to his expectations.

He was amazing colleague, a man of high standards with an open heart and time for everyone and anyone. Those parents, friends and colleagues that visited him at our head office or that called him on our helpline, will attest to the personal hero that he was and continues to be.

Jeff joined Dads in Distress as a helpline operator on the 9th January 2011, working with us at our Coffs Harbour HQ up until his passing yesterday. He worked with us right to the end doing the one thing that he loved the most; helping parents in distress as he himself had at one time been. In his time on our crisis helpline, Jeff will have spoken to tens of thousands of parents in distress. Many callers were suicidal and Jeff was their sole prop at their time of greatest need; an operator exceptional at helping those callers to help themselves to turn around their personal difficulties. There is no doubt that there are hundreds of children today that still have their mums and dads around because of Jeffs support. They may never know it but they may owe their family’s continuation to this wonderful man, quietly dedicated to helping in the background. By extension, there will be hundreds of families out there who still have a loved one in their midst simply because of Jeffs help. He will be a hard act to follow.

Jeff was always there for anyone that needed him in their time of crisis; his compassion and dedication to our callers, to the cause and our organisation was exemplary. It was what he stood for and a life’s work truly worthy of remembrance.

Much loved by our callers, many would ask for him be they previous callers or those that had been referred to him by others that were. His ability to cut through the issues, to be a good ear and to share his wisdom is legendary. He will be greatly missed. I only hope that we can continue his work, to his standard and that now, as he watches over us, that he is not too harsh on the rest of us trying to live up to him. I can hear him telling me not to keep banging on about him and to get back to the job, liberally spraying expletives to make sure we get the point!

Jeff, we love and miss you, may you rest in peace knowing that you have done more than most could ever dream of. You left the world in a significantly better place than when you found it. You truly lived a life of purpose and meaning. You are a real life hero. We salute you and we will remember you. 

In the coming weeks, we ask that all our groups across Australia share a few words on Jeffs behalf ahead of a minutes silence in his honour. And by all means raise a glass of beer in his memory – he was a straightforward, friendly and humble ‘man of the people’, who would undoubtedly have chosen that, as the best way to remember him.

Pete Nicholls, CEO

Thursday, 15th March 2018



Service for Jeff Lindsay

For those wishing to attend, and with the permission of his family, we will update this page with details of Jeffs service once they are confirmed – at this time it is likely that his service will take place on Friday 23rd March 2018 in Coffs Harbour.

Request concerning our helpline in the coming days

May we politely ask that Jeffs helpline colleagues are allowed some time to process this tragic loss and that calls to our helpline are restricted only to those parents in immediate crisis. Thank you.